Interview with Ned Williams

Ned Williams is InfiniTeach’s Lead Media Editor. Ned was diagnosed with autism as a child, and has worked hard over the past several years to combine his interest in computer games and graphics with his role at InfiniTeach.
Q: Hey Ned, thanks for talking with me. As you know, April is Autism Month – what does that mean to you?
A: To me, April is a time when people raise awareness so that people with autism can be included.

Q: Right now, there is a lot being canceled due to Coronavirus. How has that impacted you?
A: It’s been very stressful because there have been big changes to my routine. It’s making it very difficult. You can’t go outside, I haven’t been able to go to work. Working from home is very tough for me because it’s a change in environment – my home environment used to just be my place to relax, and now I have to do everything there.

Q: How do you feel when your schedule is changed like the way it has over the past few weeks?
A: It depends on how much the events change – for COVID-19, everything has changed and it has made me extremely anxious. I have a lot of anxiety and I’m under so much stress that I can’t really be myself.

Q: If there was one thing you wanted people to know about autism, what would it be?
A: I’d say I want people to know that even though on the surface autism may look like a disability, there are also many benefits of autism that come with it that I wouldn’t want people to overlook. Don’t get hung up on the disability, and know that there are benefits to it as well.

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