Adapted Marble Run
Today’s free autism resource adds structure to marble runs and car ramps. Many individuals with autism benefit from a clearly defined end point to their activities. When their is no visual end to activities, two things may happen. A student may not engage with the activity at all because they are anxious or confused about how long it may last. Or secondly, they may engage in the activity obsessively and have a difficult time stopping. To avoid both of these problems, we can add structure to activities to help create meaningful end points. This activity was created by participants in a training in Lagos, Nigeria.

To play, a student picks up a marble from the bowl on the left, puts it down the marble run, and watches it go into the container on the right. Once it disappears into the container, it can not be retrieved by the student (an adult can later access the marbles by removing a flap on the side of the container).
marble image
The student plays until the marbles are gone and then the activity is over. This gives the student a great way to engage and have fun as well as leave the activity appropriately when it is finished! There are a ton of different toys you can adapt this way!

Here are a few of our favorites:

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