fruit picture dictionary
The free autism resource of the day comes to you from Delhi, India. During a training we were conducting there a few years ago one of the participants created this awesome picture dictionary packaging activity. Packaging is a great skill for both executive functioning and prevocational practice. A picture dictionary is a great tool to help beginning readers connect words with the objects they represent. And this activity has both!

To set up, you will need several containers and a base (like the lid of a box), envelopes, play fruit, and the a printed version of the PDF. Arrange the containers as in the photo: a container with baggies on the left, fruit in the middle, and a finished basket on the right. Assemble the notecards according to the directions in the PDF, and put one inside each baggie. Finally, attach the picture dictionary to the back of the activity.
fruit package picture dictionary
To complete the activity, a student picks up a baggie and reads the number and fruit item that needs to be packaged. If they can not read the word, teach them to reference the picture dictionary. After each food item is complete, baggies end up on the finished bin on the right. The activity is over when all the bags and fruit have been packaged and put away in the finished bin!