InfiniTeach's founders standing next to each other, facing the camera and smiling Christopher Flint is a veteran special educator and administrator, having spent over 25 years teaching and training educators. Katie Hench is a former special educator who learns the most about autism from her younger brother who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6. Lally Daley Hotchkiss is a behavior therapist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Community Psychology.

In 2013, while volunteering together to provide training to parents and educators in developing countries around the world, we realized that technology could help us effectively scale our work to provide critical resources to individuals with autism and other invisible disabilities – and so InfiniTeach was founded.

Commitment to Inclusive Employment

As developers of technology for and in partnership with the IDD community, we are committed to hiring those who identify as having a disability, as well as partnering with organizations who serve this community. We know the impact of our work relies on the involvement, insights, and leadership from those with IDD.

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Man With Autism Finds Rewarding Career With West Loop Tech Company

Ned Williams is lead photo editor. He was diagnosed with autism as a young child and he loves his job.

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I want people to know that even though on the surface autism may look like a disability, there are also many benefits of autism that come with it that I don't want people to overlook.

Ned Williams, Lead Media Editor

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